Boyd Fabrication & Repair can fabricate complete sets of handrails and catwalks, steel or aluminum from small to large.  We fabricate new push beams and augers for high wall miners.  We have also fabricated many excavator and end loader buckets. We can build custom bottle racks and oil containment racks from small to large to fit your needs. Boyd Fabrication & Repair has fabricated a wide variety of equipment including a 1570 tub, 2570 shoe inserts, 495 dippers, 1570 boom feet, 8050 bucket, 2570 point box,  T-sections, 1570 center pin sections, 1570 A-legs, 495 booms, 495 ballast boxes, 2570 suspension links, 1450 operator’s cabs, 2570 electrical rooms, and 2570 walking shoes. We can fabricate almost anything.

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