Boyd Fabrication & Repair has a wide range of capabilities both in-house and on-site.  We can fabricate, repair, and machine equipment.  We take pride in the quality of our work while paying great attention to safety for our employees.  The possibilities are endless, if you have an idea we will make it work.  With a print, drawing or part – we will fix it or build it new!

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In-House Capabilities

Boyd Fabrication & Repair has extensive in-house capabilities.  We have automated torches and welders consisting of a bortec welding machine. We have boom certified welders capable of welding anything from light steel up to heavy steel 6” plus.   In-house we also use a Cooper Heat system complete with control monitors and digital readouts for maintaining proper temperature while welding. 

On-Site Capabilities

Boyd Fabrication & Repair has the capability of bringing our services to your site also.  We have portable tool rooms, service trucks, and weld trucks equipped with the necessary tools to handle your scope of work; whatever that may be.